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Rates of Escorts Offering Services in Hyderabad

The word rate goes against the ethics of the Hyderabad escorts service and the adult entertainment industry. Therefore, calling it a donation is much better than the price or rate.

The Hyderabad escort service focuses on love and companionship services

The Hyderabad escort service is not a commodity to be sold in the market. Escorts in Hyderabad get payment from their clients for spending romantic and amorous time with their clients. The client can indulge in both romantic and carnal love as per their desire and needs. All these will be calculated and treated as happy time spent. Therefore, escorts in Hyderabad should take a donation for offering their client love, passion, emotion, seduction, foreplay, and dirty flirting.

How to donate escorts in Hyderabad

After happy and mutual time spent with an escort in Hyderabad, you should wrap the donation in an envelope or love-shaped/love-embodied wallet and leave it on the corner table of that private room.

Hyderabad escorts rates/donation

Donations are calculated on an hourly basis. However, you get relaxation or a discount when you hire a rates Hyderabad call girl for a full night. The prices vary from 5K per hour to 25K per hour based on the quality and class of the girl. You can enjoy full liberty to extend the time as per your needs.

Rate InCall Rs/- OutCall
One hour or One shot 10,000 12,000
Two Hours of Two shot 15,000 25,000
Over night, Unlimited shot 25,000 35,000
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